Data Stewards Council

Data Stewards Council

Data Stewards Council Charge

The University Data Stewards Council is charged with overseeing the development and maintenance of standards needed to ensure the consistent treatment of institutional data (see 4.4) as well as periodically reviewing and reporting on the effectiveness of University data management practices.


The scope of authority for Data Stewards Council includes the following areas:

  • Collaborative review, revision, and endorsement of the University Data Management Standards.
  • Collaboration and advisement on Data Classification of University Data Sets.
  • Review and advisement concerning Data Management process best practices and improvements.
  • Authority to establish committees and workgroups to research or focus on specific areas.


The primary deliverables of the Data Stewards Council work includes the following:

  • A collaboratively developed University Data Asset Inventory that identifies major University data sets and their overall Data Classification Levels.
  • A collaboratively developed set of proposed and/or ratified Data Management Standards that address the important security data management needs of Appalachian State University.


Data Stewards Training