Project: JIRA Service & Project Management

Project Overview

We are moving to JIRA!  We are replacing 4 IT service and project management solutions with JIRA Service Desk and other JIRA products.  

What is JIRA?

JIRA is a suite of solutions that will be our new and improved Support solution.  We will implement:

  • JIRA Service Desk: an incident management solution that integrates with Confluence (and other Atlassian products) for a knowledge base.  Service Desk also includes access to Jira Core, a workflow management system for project, task and process management. 
  • Confluence: a wiki tool to help teams collaborate and share knowledge efficiently.  Use cases include shared documentation, knowledge base, an intranet, and a shared space for project teams. 
  • JIRA Software: an agile project management tool for software development. 

What's changing? 

  1. We will replace Tech Excel, the IT ticket system used at, with JIRA Service Desk, a more intuitive system that is easier to manage and will better match the needs of campus.
  2. We will move our IT Support FAQ and IT Service Catalog to Confluence to make information more readily available to campus. 
  3. With our stakeholders, we will manage IT projects in JIRA and Confluence and provide project reports to stakeholders and campus leadership. 


  1.  Install and configure JIRA Service Desk and JIRA products and needed Add-Ons
  2. Migrate data from existing solutions and websites to JIRA  
  3. Build a unified IT Service Desk with an integrated knowledge base and Service Catalog in Confluence
  4. Provide JIRA training to IT, stakeholders, and campus
  5. Provide IT service and project reports that will allow for more informed decision making
  6. Implement JIRA tool governance to ensure that JIRA meets campus needs


MilestoneEst. Date
Set up JIRA Test Instance8/2018
Determine Initial Add-Ons Needed 10/2018
Go-Live with Jira Service DeskTBD

Project Organization

 In conjunction with the IT Implementation Group and IT Governance Board of Directors, the project is organized into Component areas:

David EarpProject Lead
Daniel WestTechnical Lead
Dustin GraggJira Service Desk Lead
Jason GrubbJira Software Lead
Chris MockConfluence Lead
Julie TaubmanProject Needs and Goverance

Feedback welcome: JIRA Project Ideas and Feedback

More Information? 

Atlassian, the creator of JIRA and Confluence, provides free online training.  Introductory videos on these products are below. 


Jira Service Desk image

Confluence image

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