IT Governance Processes

Primary Goals for IT Governance

  1. form an IT Executive Council to ensure that IT priorities are aligned with the University's strategic priorities and provide a clear institutional vision for IT
  2. coordinate distributed IT efforts with the efforts of ITS, the central IT unit, to deliver value to campus
  3. employ an agile governance structure that campus constituents understand and University leadership supports

Project Governance Process



IT Executive Council Members/delegates,

IT Board of Directors Members

ITIG Members, and

Technical Advisory Groups

Complete our Project Request form in Jira Service Desk to request an IT project.   Note:  this request form is only visible to IT Governance members.  In IT, projects include:

  • the introduction of all new campus technology applications and services,
  • the creation and implementation of IT related policies and standards, and
  • significant changes to existing infrastructure, applications and enterprise systems, or policies/standards. 


IT Governance Board of Directors Members

Review proposals in their area and direct the completion of the project proposal.   Determine whether to:

  • activate projects
  • place projects and/or proposal development on hold
  • request further governance review of projects

IT Implementation Group 

Review proposals and projects at a regular interval to:

  • identify proposal and project opportunities, challenges, impacts and interdependencies 
  • report on project progress
  • advise on project scheduling and project commitment reports


IT Governance Board of Directors 

Reviews active projects, proposals and the prioritized waiting list, to:

  • makes recommendations to the IT Executive Council
  • reviews and advises on prioritization of proposals and projects including the quarterly commitment project report
  • advises on projects, IT standards and policy changes

IT Executive Council

  • Reviews major IT projects which introduce institutional risk, involve significant changes and/or require cross division funding
  • Provides high level oversight to ensure that our limited IT resources work on our most pressing needs and strategic goals
  • Reviews and advises on the quarterly commitment project report

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