Information Technology Governance - Status Update

The Academic Year of 2013-2014 has been a big year for the development of IT Governance on our campus.  Seven different governance groups, based on areas of the technology application and service catalog, were formed and began meeting with the last two currently being organized.  The following are some of their accomplishments this past year and upcoming plans.  (See the Office of the CIO webpage at to find out more information about each of these governance committees.)

Web and Mobile Technology Portfolio Committee

The Web and Mobile Technology Portfolio Committee is our initial portfolio committee and is chaired by Megan Hayes and Tom Van Gilder.  They began meeting in August, 2013, and immediately formed workgroups to begin addressing the mobile application demand from the campus.  Soon, “Mobile Mondays” began where all the workgroups gathered in one room to make strides in determining policy, software development life cycle and the development environment.

With the framework and environment now in place, the Web and Mobile Technology Portfolio expects to make great progress with developing apps in the coming months.  Some of the first applications that the campus can expect are a Safety app and a Banner mobile app.  Both of these have been requested from SGA and our students.  Also, look for ways to request apps and a website redesign project.

Productivity Platforms Portfolio Committee

The Productivity Platforms Portfolio Committee was our second portfolio committee to form and is chaired by Douglas Justice and David Earp.  This committee was charged with a major project from the very beginning; examining the email and calendaring used on campus and determine the best path for moving to a cloud based service such as Google or Microsoft 365. 

This group is in the final stages of determining which solution fits our campus the best and will spend the next few months developing and implementing a plan for the move.  This will involve all areas of our campus and all of IT. 

Technology Architecture and Infrastructure Portfolio Committee

The Technology Architecture and Infrastructure Portfolio Committee is the foundation behind all of the other committees, so it was important that it was formed early in the governance process.  It is essential that Appalachian has the infrastructure to support our technology.  This group is chaired by Dwayne Odvody and David Hayler. 

A major project this group is charged with overseeing is the new Data Center that is being built on State Farm Road.  This new Data Center will become a strategic resource in supporting new technology as well as Disaster Recovery and High Availability demand.  This Portfolio committee has also organized work groups to address surveillance cameras on campus. The Infrastructure Portfolio will be very instrumental in implementing the email/calendaring system as well as most of the projects from the other portfolio committees.

Information Security Advisory Council

The Information Security Advisory Council is much like the Technology Architecture and Infrastructure Portfolio Committee, because security must be considered in every IT project.  This is one of our largest governance groups and is led by Chief Information Security Officer, Jim Webb.  There are thirty members on this committee from units that regularly deal with information security as well as those who can articulate the needs and concerns of the faculty, staff and students.

Developing a collaboratively developed Information Security Plan is the first priority of this group as well as a Security Awareness and Training Plan and Information Security Policies.  This committee will be consulted as needed by all of the other Portfolio committees as they move forward.

Academic Services Technology Portfolio

The Academic Services Technology Portfolio Committee is the latest group to be formed and is being led by Joyce Ogburn and Amanda Werts.  This group is currently forming workgroups to look at many issues such as the survey tools used on campus.  The pilot of Digitation and Faculty Workload/Digital Measures are two projects that will fall under this portfolio committee.

Administrative Services Technology Portfolio

The Administrative Services Technology Portfolio Committee will manage the largest number of services than any other of our governance groups.  Cathy Bates is working with the Vice Chancellors to finalize the members and this group will begin meeting very soon.

Research Services Technology Portfolio

The Research Services Technology Portfolio will be the final governance committee to get started.  This committee will work closely with ITS, the Library, Deans, Faculty and the Office of Research to develop a portfolio of technology and services in support of research.  Some of the items on the needs list for this committee are infrastructure to support research, data management plan templates and technology support programs for faculty with research projects.  This portfolio will form up early in the fall semester.

If you want to provide input or feedback to any of these Portfolio Committees, please go to, select a Portfolio committee and click on the contact tab.  We are always seeking input and feedback for the committees.

Cathy Bates

Published: May 19, 2014 1:53pm