IT Forums Feedback

Summary of the Feedback from the IT Forums

The following is a summary and sampling of the wonderful and constructive feedback we received at the IT Forums held April 22nd, 23rd and 26th. We also had a special Student Forum on Tuesday evening, April 30th, where we could focus on what our students need and how they can help us with our governance plans. We had incredible turnout at each forum with great conversations and many volunteers to serve on our Portfolio Committees. We enjoyed spending time hearing what you had to say about your computing needs and your ideas for our governance structure! We are working hard to get our Portfolios organized and ready, so we can start making this feedback a reality! (For a complete list of the feedback, see the file attached below.)

The first thing we heard was that you are using the Service Catalog:

  • I have used the service catalog and think it is a good idea. 
  • I use the service catalog on a regular basis. I have learned quite a bit from it.

We had suggestions about services to add to the catalog and services that needed to be moved:

  • All Data Repository Services should be moved to Administrative Services. (We agree and it’s been moved, the Administrative Services group is very large and probably will have to be looked at again.)
  • All Survey Tools should be moved from Academic Services to Research Services. (Good Suggestion!)
  • All the Statistical Tools need to be added to the Service Catalog. (We are working on this now!)
  • AsULearn should be in Academic Services not Consulting, Training and Support. (Good Point!)

We had questions about the Governance Plan:

  • Does this model/process support vision and innovation?  (YES!)
  • Will enough people want to participate? (We have had incredible support and enthusiasm!)
  • We want input from faculty, staff and students! (So do we!)
  • ITS staff should participate in governance committees, not lead them. (We agree!)

We had feedback about every area that IT touches! These are some of the suggestions that our Portfolio groups will work to improve and correct:

The students had very specific opinions!

  • All Teachers should be required to use AsULearn.
  • We want Appalnet and AsULearn on mobile.
  • We want more bandwidth to watch Netflix.
  • Having the Technology Support Center is awesome.
  • Appalnet should be more intuitive.

Faculty and Staff also had great ideas:

  • A collaborative environment would make it easier to advise groups of students.
  • We need an instructional blogging solution.
  • We need consolidation of calendar and reporting tools.
  • Need a repository for research data.
  • Add more training opportunities for everyone.
  • Faster network speeds

What Happens NEXT?

We are currently getting two of our Portfolio Groups “stood up” and ready to make some important decisions about the future of IT and our campus. The first group is the Web and Mobile Technology Portfolio because we heard LOUD and CLEAR that the campus is READY for some mobile apps and improvements for our web presence. The second group is the Productivity Platforms Technology Portfolio because some important decisions need to be made about email and calendaring on the campus.

Thank you all for your participation and support in this process. There will be more opportunities like these forums in the fall and you can always email if you have any more comments to make! (For a complete list of the feedback, see the file attached below.)

Published: May 15, 2013 9:09am