IT Staff Make Presentations at UNC Cause Conference held in Wilmington, NC

Eleven members of Information Technology at Appalachian State University made presentations and led discussions at the UNC CAUSE conference held in Wilmington, North Carolina, November 18-20, 2013.  UNC CAUSE is an organization for the IT management and staff for the seventeen campuses of the University of North Carolina.  The presenters from both ITS and LTS were Steve Breiner, Mike Childers, John Pertalion, Andrew Sanders, Zach Seifts, Kevin Snook, Tom Van Gilder, Lacey Vickery, Jeremy Wallace, Kevin Wilcox, and Fred Woolard.  The topics were of a wide variety of current IT accomplishments and subjects. 

Steve Breiner, Lacey Vickery, Jeremy Wallace, and Fred Woolard presented on the recent successful upgrade at Appalachian to the latest version of AsULearn.  They covered all the aspects of the conversion, from the server architecture to the support of the users.

Mike Childers and Andrew Sanders presented on the utilization of the Microsoft Desktop Management Solution (SCCM) at Appalachian.  They also led a discussion with the other UNC Schools comparing how each school uses or plans to use SCCM as a solution.

John Pertalion presented with an IT staff member from UNC Greensboro on the rising demand from students bringing more than one device to campus and needing wireless functionality.  Both Appalachian and UNCG have developed successful approaches to support, maintain and grow their wireless deployments.

Kevin Snook led a discussion on the support of Apple devices, including future collaboration ideas for the UNC System.

Zach Seifts presented on using Vagrant, and Puppet and Virtual Machines to securely manage development environments for web sites.  Zach also led a discussion on Drupal with the other UNC Schools.

Kevin Wilcox presented on how Appalachian performs continuous monitoring using OSSEC (Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System) to remain compliant with Federal Regulations  as well as providing file integrity.  Kevin made a second presentation on Intrusion Detection and why Appalachian chose an application called Snort to perform that function.

Tom Van Gilder made a presentation on customer service and the philosophy at Appalachian of focusing on the customer (faculty, staff and students).

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Published: Dec 5, 2013 3:37pm