Lance Schoychid Wins App State's Monthly Staff Shout Out

Appalachian State University's Information Technology Services' Lance Schoychid was recently featured in the Appalachian Today, Appalachian's online news and events publication.  

The Staff Shout Out program at Appalachian State University announces Lance Schoychid, IT business continuity analyst in Appalachian’s Information Technology Services, as the winner of its September drawing.

Schoychid, who received two Shout Outs during September, is among nearly 800 Appalachian staff members who have been recognized for their Shout Out-worthy service to the university since January.

In one Shout Out, Schoychid was recognized for “going above and beyond” in his efforts to restore data services for Appalachian’s medical records.

“Lance, along with several other ITS members, made restoring a file for one of our users a priority,” said the anonymous submitter of Schoychid’s second Shout Out. “We were on deadlines and lost some data, and the ITS team quickly found the location of it in the database, retrieved it and made it available to us for restoration.”

Regarding his two Shout Outs, Schoychid said, “It’s an honor to work in the ITS department and an honor to be recognized. My actions were but a small part in a sequence of many people’s actions, so this award is really for everyone involved. A big thanks to the Staff Shout Out program for recognizing us!”

“Lance is such an awesome addition to our team,” said Choya Durham, shared resources manager for Appalachian’s ITS. “It’s great working with him.”

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Lance Schoychid Photo
Published: Oct 22, 2019 11:16am