"Mobile blue light" app pilot

Dear Colleagues,

Appalachian’s Student Government Association, in partnership with the University Police and Information Technology Services, is piloting a “mobile blue light” application for smart phones.  Both applications utilize GPS location technology to alert authorities and others to the user’s location. Because the two apps work differently, we would like your assistance in choosing which one Appalachian will offer.

The two mobile apps we are piloting are called TapShield and LifeLine Response EDU. Both are both available free of charge from the Apple and Google Play stores. Students, faculty and staff can download and use both apps free of charge for the next 60 days. 

TapShield encourages information-sharing between people and police, and allows users to alert friends and authorities in case of danger. It includes a feature that alerts police if headphones are suddenly disconnected from the phone. TapShield requires you to “join” using email, Facebook or Google. There are two verification steps: one to verify you have an appstate.edu email address and one to verify your phone (via text).

LifeLine Response EDU uses touch and timer technology to alert authorities if the user does not reach her/his intended destination within the estimated time set in advance by the user. LifeLine Response EDU requires you to enter a minimum of three contact names, phone numbers and email addresses during the setup process.

Please assist us by downloading one or both apps and using them during our 60-day trial period. Once the trial period is over, we will send you a short survey to help us gauge satisfaction with the user experience for each app. This feedback will determine which app the university offers. 

Thank you!


Cathy Bates

Chief Information Officer

Appalachian State University

Published: Sep 22, 2014 8:46am