Preferred First Name Initiative for Faculty and Staff

The Office of the Provost recently announced the Preferred First Name initiative by the Registrar's office for our students. This initiative allows students to indicate a preferred first name that will display on selected pages accessible from the Faculty Services and Advisor menus.

We have taken steps to work on a similar initiative for faculty and staff. Faculty and staff have the ability to indicate a preferred first name (e.g., middle name, nickname, or other preferred name) that will display in the online directory (within 24 hours) and the Global Address List (GAL) in Google.

We will propagate the preferred first name on June 15, 2016, we are requesting that faculty and staff review and/or update their preferred first name before that date. This should be the name that you regularly use in the performance of your job (for example, if you regularly use your middle name, rather than your given first name).

To review, edit or provide your Preferred First Name, please follow these instructions:

  1. Login to the Web Self Service Login Page
  2. Select the Personal Information tab
  3. Click on Preferred First Name link
  4. Review the Preferred First Name on record, make edits or enter a new Preferred First Name in the field provided.
  5. Click the Update Preferred First Name button if you made an edit or provided a new name.

Please be aware of the following for the display of your preferred first name in Google:

  • Your preferred first name should be reflected in Google within a few days.
  • If you have a Google Plus account, the name you have set will override any other names in Google.
  • If someone has your name as anything different in their contacts or address book, this may prevent them from seeing your new preferred first name.
  • If you have changed your setting for "send mail as", this will also override your name in any email you send.

If you have any questions, please call our Help Desk at 262-6266 or see our Preferred First Name Initiative for Faculty and Staff.


Published: Jun 15, 2016 3:39pm