Welcome Back for the Fall Term from the CIO

The following are some of the exciting projects and initiatives from IT at Appalachian:

Faster Internet

We installed new state-of-the-art equipment which will increase the network bandwidth speed to a 10GB connection from a 1GB connection (that’s ten times better!). This will improve the internet experience for all users on campus, including (and especially!) wireless. You should immediately notice faster web browsing and streaming.

Safer WiFi 

ITS continues to make security one of our top priorities, and we encourage you to set up connections to our Secure WiFi Network for all devices you use to connect to the Internet. Our Secure WiFi provides encryption for all online interactions. We have organized a concentrated effort to have all student devices on our secure network and already have more students on Secure WiFi than ever before! See our online instructions for details!

UpGraded AsULearn

This summer LTS and ITS collaborated to upgrade to a new version of AsULearn which will allow more choice and flexibility for faculty and students. This upgraded version will provide a more robust, safe and secure Learning Management System. We had a number of faculty use the updated version in their summer classes this year with great results!  

Improved Websites and Better Communication

I encourage you to explore the new look and feel of the CIO Website and our updated Support Website. We are continuing to redesign all of the ITS sites to make it easier for you to find the services we offer and get answers to your questions. We have also made a commitment to be transparent and communicate better with the Appalachian Community. You should begin to notice immediately more information that you can use to make your job easier with technology.

Access Campus Software from Off-Campus

We have a rolled out a “Getting Connected to uDesk Initiative” for faculty, staff and students taking on-line courses who need to access on-campus software when they are off-campus. We have extended hours for ITS Help Desk phone support available to help get you connected to uDesk. Simply call our Help Desk at 262-6266 (Choose option 2 after hours). The extended hours are until 11pm Monday -Thursday and from 1 pm-9 pm on Sunday, or you can see our detailed online instructions on how you can get started!

IT Governance Committees

The support we received from our Spring IT Forums was terrific. We are well on our way in creating our IT Governance Framework. The Web and Mobile Services Portfolio Committee has begun working and we have several other Portfolio Committees not far behind. We will keep you informed as all of the Governance Committees are formed and their progress.

Appalachian is a Pilot School for World Language Initiative

Appalachian participated with four other UNC schools in implementing the opportunity for our students to register On-Line for Language courses offered by the other pilot schools and vice versa. The other UNC Participating schools are UNC Pembroke, UNC Greensboro, Western Carolina University and NC State.

ECAR Student Survey 

This past spring, Appalachian participated in the 2013 ECAR student technology survey administered through EDUCAUSE.  Over all, more than 250 institutions participated. The official EDUCAUSE report using data from all participating institutions will be released this fall and presented at the yearly EDUCAUSE conference in October.  A separate report summarizing the Appalachian survey data will be made available later this Fall.

IT Support Services – Campus Consultants

Information Technology Services has restructured the support services for the campus by dividing the campus into four service areas: East, Center, West, and Off-Campus. Teams of IT staff are assigned to each of these areas to better improve response time and service to the Appalachian community. 

Professors – Use of Netflix in the Classroom

ITS wants to remind the Appalachian community that Netflix does not allow for the public classroom display of their streaming videos.

However, instructors may use rented or purchased DVDs in the face-to-face classroom setting (i.e., with the professor present). The Appalachian Library has a very good collection of DVDs which may likewise be used in the face-to-face classroom setting.

Please see Netflix Terms of Service for more information.

Technology Services on Campus

Do you ever wonder what technology services are available at Appalachian? Check out our Technology Application Service Catalog.

A Warning about Phishing Emails

Remember, DO NOT click on suspicious links in email messages. The seriousness of doing this cannot be overemphasized! You are giving away your credentials and a hacker can hijack your account to send spam, install malicious software on your computer and steal personal information. 

There are a few clues that an email is not legitimate such as bad grammar, threats to remove or delete your account, or spoofing popular websites. If you are not sure, call our Help Desk at 262-6266 to verify that a message was sent by us. Again, we will NEVER ask for personal information by email. 

Published: Aug 26, 2013 10:24am