Security Tips - Stop, Think, and Connect

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Refund Fraud

Identity theft refund fraud is a widespread fraudulent scheme where criminals use stolen identity information to file bogus tax refund claims.  How to Protect Yourself.  Don't Become a Victim.

Secure Filesharing using Filelocker

The Information Security Advisory Council approved Filelocker as a secure file sharing application that facilitates easy file sharing between users and promotes secure data sharing habits.  Filelocker allows you to share files with other people both inside and ouside of Appalachian State University.  This is a web-based secure file sharing opiotn using https encryption for confidential data.

Don’t Get Phished!

Phishing email messages are designed to gain financial or confidential information from the recipient. Email messages usually look like they are from a trusted organization but contains a link that leads to a website that is a replication of the real site.  Protect Yourself From Phishing Attempts.

Report Phishing Attempts to ITS

If you receive an email that asks for your personal information, do not respond. Attach the header text file to an email message and send to 

Learn how to get header text information.

More Information on Phishing

Protect your Computer, your Information, and your Identity

  • Don’t click on links in email or instant messages that you are not expecting.
  • Links in email and IM can be used to spread computer viruses to your computer and others on the Appalachian network.

Guidelines for Preventing Accidental Data Exposure

  • What Constitutes Confidential Data
  • Four Computing Habits that Keep ASU Data Secure
  • Data Protection Toolkit

Learn more.

Don’t Use Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Applications

Those who illegally share or download copyrighted material such as MP3s are subject to legal and disciplinary action. Don’t risk it!


Protect your Personal Information

Be wary of entering personal or financial information online. You will never receive an email from Appalachian requesting your username or password.

Consider how you are presenting yourself on Facebook and other social networking sites and configure your privacy setting accordingly.

Visit IT Security Office website.