Technology and Sustainability

As part of Appalachian State University's larger sustainability efforts, Information Technology Services strives to conserve energy, recycle responsibly and reduce paper consumption. The following initiatives represent our ongoing efforts, and we continually analyze our processes to find areas where we can become more sustainable, as we provide and support technology resources for faculty, staff and students.


  • Duplex printing initiative – Duplex printing was set as the default for all lab computers in an effort to save paper for the campus.
  • The ITS department is working on implementing Uniprint as part of our print management efforts for campus. This is a Pharos product that will allow for departments to manage their own print volume and help with the Strategic Plan goal of reducing paper usage on our campus. We have been working with Pharos on the install and configurations, and hope to roll a pilot out to campus this summer as a Proof of Concept.

LeafDigital Documents

  • Fortis is an electronic documentation system that reduces the need to print and store paper records.  Sixteen offices across Campus are using Fortis to reduce the need to print and demand is growing. 

LeafRecycling and Disposal

  • ITS uses recycled paper for our Pharos printers and copier program on campus.
  • New E-waste recycle unit are available at Anne Belk Hall.
  • Our toner manufacturer is locally owned WJ Office Supply, who has a strong recycling program for their used cartridges.  They refurbish cartridges and dispose of unusable parts in an environmentally friendly way.  Money that is received back for each cartridge recycled is given to a local charity,  helping our community too.

LeafEnergy Savings

  • The Desktop Systems Group is running updates earlier and less frequently on lab computers.  This enables the computers to be shut down earlier each day, limiting power consumption.
  • In collaboration with the Student Union, the computer lab located in the Student Union uses energy saving bulbs/fixtures in all of their overhead lights. 

LeafOther Sustainability Resources

  • New Banner Integrated Orientation Process - Improved Online Student Registration for Orientation, replacing paper profile sheets with online equivalent.
  • Trader Yo's - Now you can post or view-and-claim surplus office supplies, furniture, electronics, computers, inks and toners, at, saving time, gas, campus resources and dollars. Click, browse, claim and it's yours. Available to faculty and staff, this service was the brainchild of the purchasing and waste subcommittee of the Sustainability Council and effectively eliminates time and energy required for standard removal from point of origin and delivery to surplus property for assessment and storage. Trader Yo's also gives the campus a web-based interface for our computer bone yard system, a long-standing waste reduction effort to recycle and reuse dated, but possibly still usable, computer parts and accessories.
  • Appalachian State University's standards for computer purchasing meet EPEAT standards. All recommended computers are EPEAT Gold Certified. EPEAT®-registered products meet strict environmental criteria. From fewer toxins in manufacturing to efficient operation and easier recycling, EPEAT-registered products offer a reduced environmental impact across their lifecycles.
  • STARs scored our "Electronics Purchasing Policy" a .99 point out of a possible 1.0 point!