Data Governance

Appalachian State University Data Governance

Data Management Image

Appalachian State relies upon vast amounts of data to facilitate the University’s mission and objectives. To ensure that data is managed as a material asset, the University has adopted a Data Management Standard that outlines roles and responsibilities need for assuring that:

  • Institutional data provides value
  • Data compliance requirements are met
  • Data risks are managed appropriately.


Data governance plays a critical role in the control and distribution of important information.


Data governance allows for clarity and consistency on who makes decisions on data access, what security measures need to be adopted to protect data types, and what data quality consideration are important for data value and integrity.


Without data governance, people may not know who to go to for answers to their questions, and may receive and/or circulate incorrect information. Communications can also become point to point and randomized, and people may rely merely on informal collaboration for the university to operate properly, which can be risky. Data governance helps address these risks.


Getting Help - If you have questions or needs related to data governance issues please feel free to contact the ITS Office of Information Security at or 828-262-6946.