AsULearn 4 and Accessibility Open Office Hours

Last May our team updated AsULearn to Moodle 4.1. Accessibility was a big area of focus for this new version, and Moodle 4.1 includes better support for screen reader compatibility, improved access to file conversion, and a built-in toolkit for assisting instructors to ensure their course and materials are accessible.

The Academic Technologies team and Moodle community as a whole have been putting a lot of effort into making sure that our platforms are in compliance with all laws and standards, and ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity to learn.

Want to learn more?

The Brickfield Accessibility+ Toolkit provides the automated analysis of AsULearn courses  based on current accessibility standards, reviewing the content inside all of AsULearn’s core activities. If you’d like to know more about Brickfield and making your courses more accessible, check out our live Brickfield ToolKit Open Office Hours in ZOOM offered on the following dates and times:

  • Sept 12th, 11:00 am to Noon
  • Sept 13th, 11:00 am to Noon
  • Sept 19th, 2:00 pm to 3 pm
  • Sept 20th, 2:00 pm to 3 pm

For details and the link to join, please contact Jeff Church. Additionally, you can check out our AsULearn Faculty Support pages for documentation on Sensus Access and the Brickfield Accessibility+ Toolkit. 

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Published: Aug 30, 2023 3:46pm