Information Technology Mission

Information Technology Mission

At Appalachian State University, technology, our Institutional data, and our human potential must be viewed as an asset, valued for its ability to transform the educational landscape of our students and enhance the effectiveness of our faculty and staff.

Achieving this goal is central to our purpose and can only be reached by developing a culture in which people are valued for managing resources and consistently making decisions in ways that are aligned with, and measured against the organization's core values.

Information Technology Services is committed to delivering on this value proposition by providing a technology enterprise that embraces these values in support of the academic and business missions of the Institution.


A well-trained, identifiable, and customer-focused team is necessary for our professional brand.   Instilling confidence in our services and our ability to consistently deliver on the value proposition demanded by our constituents is critical to our success.


Delivering processes and technologies which are transparent to our customers is a necessity in building a culture of technology reliance.  Technology must not get in the way of the Academic and Business missions, it must enhance them if we are to succeed at achieving our goals.


A culture that continually assesses and introduces new ways of looking at technology and the needs of our constituents is important to transforming our enterprise and facilitating change. Only by embracing innovative approaches to technology and differentiating ourselves from others will we continue to assert ourselves as leaders in the HigherEd community.


A sustainable technology environment is essential to our continued success.  Often, sustainability is used to describe our impact on the greater environment.  While managing our impact at that scale is important, we must also look at the technology environment in our direct care.  We must ensure that sustainability efforts include Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Supportability. It is these elements that have the greatest impact on our ability to deliver on our commitment to the institution.


The true value of our services and expertise can only be realized when they are made available to those who need them.  Our responsibility to our customers is to provide access to our services, institutional data, and our expertise at the greatest level, possible.  We have a commitment to protect our technology and data from malicious intent and to work with our Data Stewards to make our data available to the academic and business processes that rely on it.


A culture built on trust and respect for our one another is paramount to building a community that serves our mission.  Developing an understanding and appreciation for the talents, time, and troubles of others is important to building a cohesive support structure and unified vision.  This goal is not free and must be earned over time, but once achieved, allows us to realize the absolute value of everyone pulling in the same direction.