Data Stewards Council

Data Steward

A University employee who reports to, and is designated by, a Data Trustee and has the responsibility for protecting Institutional Data in accordance with IT Standards and University policies, and consistent with directions provided by a Data Trustee.

Data Trustees designate 1-2 Data Stewards to serve on a Data Stewards Council.

Data Stewards Council

  1. Jason Grubb, Director of Enterprise Applications
  2. Jennifer Chrisohon, Associate General Counsel
  3. Kevin Patterson, Director of Business Systems
  4. Margaret Bumgarner, Administrative Director of Student Health Services
  5. Matt Dull, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations
  6. Colleen Deal, Director of Advancement Services
  7. Ece Karatan, Vice Provost for Research
  8. Gail Rebeta, Registrar
  9. James Webb, Chief Information Security Officer & Deputy CIO
  10. Rick Sears, Director of Strategic Analytics & Institutional Research
  11. Jason Marshburn, Director of Environmental Health, Safety and Emergency Management
  12. Megan Hayes, Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Communication Officer
  13. Angie Miller, Deputy HR Director
  14. Miranda Warren, IT Project Manager (DSC Administrator)
  15. Julie Taubman, Director of IT Project Management Office (DSC Co-Chair)
  16. Boris Salvador, Enterprise Risk Manager (DSC Co-Chair)

Data Stewards Council Responsibilities 

  1. Classifying Institutional Data in accordance with the Data Management IT Standard, and ensuring consistent terms and definitions are used for key Data Elements that are used across organizational units
  2. Reviewing Data Governance IT Standards to ensure consistent treatment and optimal use of Institutional Data
  3. Identifying the System of Record for a subset of Institutional Data or a given Data Element
  4. Reviewing and reporting the effectiveness of Institutional Data management practices to Data Trustees
  5. Coordinating and resolving Data Stewardship issues that cross multiple functional units, and escalate compliance and risk issues to the Data Trustees Council