IT Executive Council Membership

IT Executive Council and Data Trustees Council Membership

  1. Mark Bachmeier, Director of Human Resources
  2. Jane Barghothi, Vice Chancellor of University Advancement
  3. Sharon Bell, Interim Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs
  4. Talana Bell, Chief Financial Officer for Academic Affairs
  5. J.J. Brown, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  6. Matt Dull, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
  7. Hank Foreman, Vice Chancellor/Chief of Staff
  8. Heather Langdon, Executive Director Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning
  9. Paul Meggett,  General Counsel 
  10. Heather Norris, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor
  11. Tom Van Gilder, Interim Chief Information Officer (Chairperson)
  12. James Webb, Chief Information Security Officer
  13. Julie Taubman, ITS Project Manager (non-voting)