IT Governance

IT Governance

IT Governance provides processes and structures that specify how we make technology decisions, implement and manage technology changes to ensure the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling the University to achieve its goals.  Our Information Technology Governance Policy can be found in the Policy Manual. 

IT governance structure

IT Executive Council (ITEC)

Oversees the IT governance structure, reviews major IT projects which introduce institutional risk, involve significant changes, and/or require cross division funding, and provides high level oversight to ensure that our limited IT resources work on our most pressing needs and strategic goals.   View Membership

IT Governance Board of Directors (IT BoD)

Reviews IT operations, proposals and projects to advise the CIO on demand management, strategic alignment, value delivery, policy/procedure development, and risk management.   View Membership

IT Implementation Group (ITIG)

Recommends and supports the development of holistic IT proposals, approves IT project artifacts, and conducts gap analyses for new and/or significant changes to IT policies and standards.   View Membership

Data Stewards Council

Oversees the development and maintenance of standards needed to ensure the consistent treatment of institutional data, as well as periodically reviewing and reporting on the effectiveness of University data management practices.   View Membership 

Technical Advisory Groups

Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs): University committees, councils and advisory groups that the IT Governance Board of Directors recognizes as IT Governance groups due to their charge of assuring that information resources and technology needs are supported to advance the University mission.






Tena Gulliver

AppState Computational Research Users Group

 High Performance Computing

 Jeff Tickle

AppSync Advisory Board

AppSync Communication and Student Engagement Platform

Dustin Evatt

Google Technical Advisory Group

Google Apps Suite

David Earp

Information Security Advisory Council (ISAC)

Information Security Plan, information security standards and strategic initiatives.  View Membership

Jim Webb

Internship Advisory Council

Internship Inventory Web Application

Adryona Nelson

LMS Advisory Group

Our learning management system,  AsULearn.

Emory Maiden

Maintenance Committee

IT Maintenance 

David Earp, Jason Grubb

Payment Card Oversight Committee (PCOC)

Provides review and advisement concerning: Payment Card Services and Solutions Changes To Authorized Payment Card Services and Solutions Compliance Assessment and Reporting

 Heather Reeves

Teaching and Learning Spaces Advisory Group

Teaching and Learing Spaces

Tom Van Gilder, Tom McDonnell

University Research Council


Karen Fletcher

To request recognition as a TAG, please send the following to our Project Management, Governance and Outreach unit at  1) the name of the group, 2) responsibilities and authority of the group including technology focus area, 3) the IT Board of Directors member that the group reports its actions or recommendations, and 4) primary contact(s) for the group.