Roadmap Fields

Strategic Direction
  • SD 1 Learning
  • SD 6 Working
  • SD 6 Decision-Making
  • SD 6 Managing Risk
  • SD 6 Communicating 
  • SD 1: Strategic Plan Strategic Direction 1
  • SD 6: Strategic Plan Strategic Direction 6 
  • Learning: Improving student or faculty learning
  • Working: Improving how institutional work is done
  • Decision-Making: Improving how decisions are made
  • Communicating: Improving how various groups communicate and collaborate
  • Managing Risk: Improving how we manage legal, operational and reputational risk
NameBrief text to identify item 
Description Brief description 
Sponsor/Division LeadSponsor/Division Lead Name of executive sponsor responsible/accountable for item, or Division with decision making authority
Project RisksFlag for risk concerns about scope, schedule, or budget/resource
  • Resource: concerns about need for additional funding, need for more work hours than anticipated, or that required resources cannot be allocated (e.g., people cannot spend time needed for the project);
  • Schedule: timeline concerns given current resources; 
  • Scope: concerns that the scope of problem or solution is unclear, or needs to be adjusted.
Mandate Whether the project is mandated and by whom 
  • Major Project
  • Application/Service
  • Policy/Standard/Guidance
  • Work Group
Major Project: Endeavors to create a unique product, service, or result that will require one or more of the following: 
  • more than 200 hours of work, 
  • more than $5,000, or 
  • have a significant campus impact.
Application/Service: the rollout of a new application or service that does not meet the definition of a major project
Policy/Standard/Guidance: the development and implementation of an IT policy, standard, or guidance
Work Group: a group convened to investigate a gap or IT need, and recommend a solution, or implement annual improvements to existing services/applications
  • Proposal
  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Closing
  • Proposal: A problem or IT gap is identified and solutions explored;
  • Initiation: IT solution authorized; 
  • Planning: Planning to implement solution;
  • Executing: Implementing solution; 
  • Closing: Transferring to operations, and closing project/workgroup, or rolled out application or standard
Start Quarter Anticipated start quarter when significant resources are dedicatedTypically after the initiation stage
End Quarter Anticipated quarter when rollout is complete 
ImpactWhether Faculty, Staff, Students, and/or External Constituents will be impacted 
Lead UnitUniversity unit leading project 
Contact/PM Single contact person and/or project lead