Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications provide faculty, staff and students with applications that assist them in their day to day activities on campus. The primary goal of the Enterprise Applications Group is to provide the support required to operate the Ellucian Banner Application System for Appalachian State University. EA offers broad assistance for application operations and are responsible for determining standards and best practices, as well as application security. Responsibilities include Advancement, Financial Reporting, Human Resources and Payroll, Financial Aid and Student Business Applications.


Beth Pouder
Director, Enterprise Applications


ALFAA – Alumni, Financial Aid and Auxiliary Services

ALFAA is responsible for Banner Financial Aid, Banner Financial Aid Self-Service, Banner University Advancement, and supports various academic and administrative departments. These departments include: Institutional Research, Food Services, ASU Post Office, Housing, Health Services, International Studies, Registrar's Office, and Admissions with a myriad of applications including Medicat, Digital Measures, FsaAtlas, StudioAbroad, Tutortrac, and Advisortrac, and JumpForward.

DASH/BARS – Database and Banner Administration,  Reporting and Support

The Database and Banner Administration Group (DASH) is responsible for the implementation, administration and support of the Banner ERP System and the Oracle databases and applications servers that support Banner. The DASH group is also responsible for the implementation, administration and support of Oracle and MS SQL Databases that support Degree Works, Information Analytics, ODS and various other campus applications. The Banner Administration and Reporting Group (BARS) is responsible for Banner user maintenance and security. Additionally, BARS provides application administration and support for WebFocus, ODS, AppWorx, Fortis Imaging and various other campus applications.

Data Control Services

Data Control Services is responsible for many different services that support the University. Data Control Services is responsible for monitoring and managing the AppWorx, Banner Job Requests, Banner Security Requests, Banner Printing Services, e-Print systems, and Fortis user creation. They also process Affiliate, Duplicate PIDM and Username Change requests as needed.

FAST – Financial Applications Support Team

The Financial Applications Support Team (FAST) supports Banner Human Resources, Banner Payroll, Employee Self-Service, Banner Finance, Finance Self-Service, BOSSCARS, Yo-Mart, Intellecheck, Form Fusion, and other applications. They help support the Business Systems group, the Controller’s Office, Payroll, HRS, Health Promotions, Parking and Traffic, Institutional Research, the Physical Plant, the Central Warehouse, and other campus departments.

Information Analytics

Information Analytics supports the Vice Chancellors, Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning (IRAP), business owners and data stewards, enterprise and distributed technical organizations, security teams, and functional offices around operational data management.

STAAR – Student, Admissions, and Accounts Receivable

The Student Application Group (STAAR) is responsible for Banner Student (including all Student Records, Registration, Student Accounts, Student Self-Service, Transfer Articulation, and Account Receivables for Students), Banner Admissions (also known as myAPP), Faculty Self-Service, Advisor Self-Service, Degree Works, Student Orientation, as well as Admission Pro's for the Graduate School. The Student Records area supports projects for all Academic Departments, College Offices, Advising, Orientation and other student support departments, such as Bookstore and Student Health Insurance.