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Academic Technologies works collaboratively with the campus community to support and deliver enterprise-level learning technologies. In addition, our team works to develop and enhance the learning technology experience for students, staff, and faculty members, and leads educational technology innovation.

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AsULearn 4 and Accessibility Open Office Hours

Last May our team updated AsULearn to Moodle 4.1. Accessibility was a big area of focus for this new version, and Moodle 4.1 includes better support f...

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Could AsULearn reduce gender inequities?

AsULearn is Appalachian's learning management system, built on the open source framework Moodle. The Moodle Academy recently held a webinar presenting...

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2022 AsULearn Student Survey

Our AsULearn Team, with help from our LMS Advisory Group, began surveying campus about our Learning Management System back in 2017, and the data colle...