About IT Acquisitions

Why Submit an IT Acquisition:

  • Submit one request to connect with pertinent governance groups

  • Streamline request process

  • Ensure requests are compatible with infrastructure and available resources

  • Obtain cost-effective solutions

  • Minimize duplicate services

  • Meet accessibility standards

  • Address compliance requirements and manage risks


History of IT Acquisition Process

IT Acquisitions History

  • 2018 - Stemming from the Board of Governors Committee on Audit, Risk Management & Compliance and UNC System Office approved IT Governance Policy 1400.1 establishing minimum criteria for each constituent institution’s IT governance program including: software and hardware standards; & acquisition of IT consulting and contract services, ITS began the initiative to develop this process to streamline campus approvals for acquiring IT, and ensure that items were not acquired where we had shared services agreements (e.g., copiers, phones)
  • Spring 2019 - IT Acquisition Standard approved by the University’s IT Executive Council
  • Fall 2019 - IT Acquisition requests rolled out at tech.appstate.edu allowing us to:
    • Meet compliance with UNC Policy 1400.1 - IT Governance
    • Ensure acquisitions are compatible with infrastructure and available resources
    • Reduce the risk of security threats and vulnerabilities
    • Reduce redundancy of services
  • Fall 2020 - Begin collaborative reviews with IT Governance Groups, Campus and UNC System partners to improve the IT Acquisitions process.
  • Spring 2021 - Continue to implement and think of the process improvements
  • Fall 2022 - Automate acquisition process to maintain university software and service inventory per compliance requirements
  • See IT Acquisition Services in the Service Catalog