IT Acquisitions Definitions

IT Acquisitions Definitions

of Review Statuses

  • In Review - request submitted and under review awaiting initial response
  • In Progress - review team is working on the request
  • Waiting on Customer - review team needs more info from the customer
  • Waiting on Vendor - review team needs more info from the vendor
  • Waiting on Campus Department - review team assignee is waiting on others involved in the review

of Resolution Statuses

  • Approved for Pilot - request is approved but in a limited capacity for testing/demo purposes
  • Approved - request is approved to move forward
  • Expedited - request is approved to move forward based on a prior approval
  • Declined - request is not approved to move forward
  • Cancel - customer withdrew request
  • Review not Required - request does not need to be reviewed by the review team but work may be required to reach this resolution; this status is available to all review teams except ITS - Enterprise Applications, Infrastructure and Support.
  • Complete - review completed; this status is only available to ITS - OIS and ODR as their reviews are recommendation based rather than approval based although their recommendations may include requirements for implementation and use.

of Review Teams