Guidance on When to Submit an IT Acquisition Request

 Do I NEED to Submit an IT Acquisition Request? 

YES for

  • Any new software/service being acquired for university business; regardless of dollar amount, including cloud and IT consulting services.
    • This may also include any plug-in or add-on to an existing program that creates a significant change in operations or how you use the platform.
    • Includes web-based software (i.e., software that is accessed via the internet and/or has a login), along with software that is downloaded directly to your computer (both personal and university-owned devices).
      • Note:  It is recommended you know the software/service provider you want to acquire from. Multiple software providers make it difficult to review and can take significantly longer.
    • Any hardware/service/software that is NOT considered an IT Standard Purchase


NO if

  • a Renewal, unless there are significant changes
    • Examples of Significant Changes:
      • Change in How the Software / Service is Being Used
      • Change in What Data is Stored (e.g. confidential data)
      • Change in How the Software / Service is Accessed
      • New Software / Service / Functionality Being Added
        • Includes credit card use for accepting payment 
    • Examples that are NOT Significant Changes:
      • Cost Increase
      • Increased User Count
  • Software / Service Already Exists on Campus
    • Refer to our Service Catalog. If the software or service is in the Service Catalog, it is already owned/used by campus, which means you do not need to submit an IT Acquisition Request.
      • Example: "Department A" has their own license(s) for SigmaPlot, "Department B" needs to purchase licenses for SigmaPlot.  Although it is a new purchase for "Department B", SigmaPlot is already approved and in use on campus, therefore, there is no need for an IT Acquisition Request.