Network Infrastructure and Control Systems

NICS designs, implements and maintains an enterprise network infrastructure for the delivery of mission critical services to the campus community. This includes managing the Campus Residence hall student network (ResNET), in both wired and wireless platforms. The administrative network functions as the core for business continuity, and is a necessary component of nearly every business continuity plan across campus. In addition to providing a secure end-to-end computing experience for all network-enabled devices, NICS is responsible for the management of the switches, routers, wireless access points, and security components necessary to provide connectivity, as well as, stewardship of all network bandwidth.

Currently, our WiFi canopy extends coverage to nearly 100% of Appalachian's academic and residential buildings. This service provides both an encrypted transport platform for Faculty, Staff, and Students with University credentials, as well as, an open platform for guests of the University.


Laramie Combs
Manager of Network Infrastructure and Control Systems