Classroom Technologies


Academic Technologies provides instructional technology applications to enhance the learning experience of all App State students including phone and on-site support to over 300 classrooms across campus. If an issue cannot be resolved remotely, we strive to be on-site in 10 minutes or less. We also offer technical and instructional demonstrations for faculty implementation of available technology.

We support, maintain, and standardize all university classrooms according to the SMART classroom standards for classroom technology. In an effort to be open and transparent in the upgrade process, and to help us set priorities for campus, there is a request form for department chairs to use to request a room upgrade for their area.


Smart Classrooms

Smart classrooms consist of a variety of hardware and software tools that can be used to enhance the teaching and learning experience. 

Each smart classroom at App State consists of a teaching podium containing a widescreen monitor, Dell PC, media player and multiple laptop connections. A laser projector and projection screen are also installed.

More information on Smart Classrooms can be found in our self-help Knowledge Base.


Active Learning Classrooms

In an active-learning classroom or ALC, students engage in collaboration, problem-­­solving, listening and discussion.  

Currently, App State has 21 ALCs across campus that ATS Classroom Technologies supports and maintains.

Unlike traditional classrooms, these rooms put students at the center, often seated together around tables featuring connections to shared displays. A typical ALC environment contains a central instructor station and numerous clusters of small student groups allowing students to more easily share and collaborate on tasks or projects. ALC’s vary in size and seating capacity and range from 4 to 6 tables, each with 6 chairs.

Caption: Access this interactive 360 tour to learn more about an Active Learning Classroom space at App State. 

Meet the Team

Garry Powell
Manager, Learning Spaces

Chris Presnell
Technology Support Analyst

Isaac Harmon
Technology Support Analyst

Kane Almond
Technology Support Analyst