IT Project Process

IT Projects 

There are 2 ways to start an IT Project:

1) Request an IT Acquisition through  If the acquisition meets the definition of a project, we will create an IT Project for you. 

2) IT Governance members can request an IT project through  




Contact:  IT Project Management and Governance at  

IT Governance Members Links: /  the IT Projects - Governance Dashboard in Jira, our work management system

Resource: Definitions, IT Project Services (IT Service Catalog Entry)

 IT Project Process - start with / IT Acquisitions and Projects


IT Project: Temporary endeavors to introduce new Appalachian IT Services, as well as implement significant changes to existing Appalachian IT Services. (Source: IT Governance Policy)

Committed IT Project: A committed project is a "shovel ready" project that IT is committing to finishing in a specified Quarter

Project Intake Meeting:  At the beginning of an IT Project, ITS Project Management, Governance and Outreach (PMGO) can facilitate an intake meeting with the project team/stakeholders to:

  1. Review the anticipated project scope, assumptions, timing constraints, any specific obstacles, risks, and dependencies 
  2. Discuss and if possible confirm agreement of Project Description, Need, Benefit, Approach and Project Completion criteria
  3. Confirm roles and responsibilities for the implementation project and when any resulting IT Service is operational
  4. Cover any other issues that the group wants to discuss (e.g., develop high level stories/tasks to complete the IT Project)

Project Lead: lead and manage the project by:

  1. Completing Proposal Information in the IT Project Epic in Jira and/or request that PMGO facilitate a project intake meeting  (resource in Confluence: IT Project dictionary requires login and Confluence license)
  2. Reviewing and confirming agreement with project team of project objectives and key details 
  3. Developing the structure of how the project tasks will lead to project completion 
  4. Communicating project progress and changes to stakeholders
  5. Working with appropriate decision makers to resolve issues, provide updates, manage risks, and understand project priority
  6. ITS Project Leads and Others Project Leads with Jira Software Licenses: Use the Add Biweekly Status button that is visible when the IT Project Epic is In Progress and enter a short Project Update at least every 2 weeks to explain what was accomplished in the past two weeks, what work is planned for the next two weeks, and any particular items going well or not. (resource in Confluence: How do I use the Add Biweekly Status Button? requires login and Confluence license) 
  7. Note: Teams that use Jira Software for work should link Jira work to the IT Project Epic

Project Sponsor: person or group who "owns" the project and 1) ensures that the project is aligned with University goals, 2) defines the criteria for project success, and 3) advocates and provides resources and support for the project to enable its success.  The project sponsor acts as an escalation point for issues beyond the project lead's control, and is a decision maker for project progress and phases.  All IT Projects also have a University Division/Directorate Sponsor (i.e., Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Affairs, University Advancement, University Initiative, and ITS) as well.