IT Project Process

IT Project Management Process

Appalachian's IT units and IT Governance groups manage and deliver IT projects to implement and improve IT services and business processes that support and advance the University's mission.   IT Project Management and Governance (PMG) align IT project requests to University strategic objectives and IT service categories, and work with Project Sponsor representatives to prioritize IT Projects across our 6 portfolios:  Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Affairs, University Advancement, ITS and University Initiatives.  PMG works with IT Governance groups, project sponsors and project teams to improve IT Project delivery.


IT Projects 

Definition: Temporary endeavors to introduce new Appalachian IT Services, as well as implement significant changes to existing Appalachian IT Services. (Source: IT Governance Policy)

Guideline:  A project should be an IT Project when:

  • There is a significant impact to students, faculty or staff populations and/or extensive change to business processes

  • Multiple areas of IT are needed to complete the IT Project, or

  • There is a large amount of work (est > 40 person hours) to complete for a new/significant change in IT Service.

Creating an IT Project

 IT Governance members request IT Projects. PMG determines what IT Acquisitions become IT Projects with input from the impacted IT teams, and will utilize a sub-group of the IT Implementation Group for questions.

Benefits of an IT Project 

Visibility: IT Projects can achieve strategic and operational goals. IT Projects reports may be viewed by IT Governance groups, campus leadership and IT staff ( ) to determine project benefit, project need, IT teams needed, project completion criteria, impacted IT services (new), priority, status and project update.

Collaboration: IT Projects provide a platform to identify and collaborate on new IT Service goals 

Prioritization:  IT Governance groups can view and prioritize IT Projects 

Project Support / Manager: IT PMG can benefit the project with support and serve as Project Manager when appropriate. IT PMG provides project intake and closure services.

Project Sponsor Contact

 Contact for the Project Sponsor (Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Affairs, University Advancement, ITS or University Initiative)  who champions and directs the IT Project, provides resources and support for the project, and helps remove obstacles to facilitate the success of the project. The project sponsor endorses and defends the project as a valued investment of organizational resources that serves the organization's strategic objectives.

 Project Manager

The assigned Project Manager works to support and integrate the efforts of the project team and stakeholders to successfully complete the project with the intended and sought benefits and in conformance with schedule, budget and technical requirements.

Responsibilities include:

  • Completing Proposal Information in the IT Project Epic in Jira and/or request that PMG facilitate a project intake meeting

  • Reviewing and confirming agreement of project objectives, key requirements, and project completion criteria with project sponsor and project team

  • Facilitating the development of a project plan and supporting the team's execution of the project plan

  • Communicating project progress and changes to sponsor and stakeholders

  • Working with project sponsor and project team to resolve issues, provide updates, manage risks, and understand project priority

  • ITS Project Leads and Others Project Leads with Jira Software Licenses: Use the Add Biweekly Status button that is visible when the IT Project Epic is In Progress and enter a short Project Update at least every 2 weeks to explain what was accomplished in the past two weeks, what work is planned for the next two weeks, and any particular items going well or not. (resource in Confluence: How do I use the Add Biweekly Status Button? requires login and Confluence license)

Project Intake Meeting

ITS Project Management and Governance can facilitate an intake meeting with the project team/sponsor/key stakeholders to:

  1. Review the anticipated project scope, assumptions, timing constraints, any specific obstacles, risks, and dependencies 

  2. Identify IT services impacted by the project and link to the IT Service inventory as needed

  3. Discuss and if possible confirm agreement of Project Description, Need, Benefit, Approach, Project Completion criteria, and Target/Due Dates.

  4. Confirm roles and responsibilities for the implementation project and when any resulting IT Service is operational

  5. Cover any other issues that the group wants to discuss (e.g., develop high level stories/milestones/tasks to complete the IT Project)

Questions? Ideas? 


Contact:  IT Project Management and Governance at  and IT Service Description: IT Project Services