AsULearn and Digital Learning Technologies

The AsULearn and Digital Learning Technologies Team manage, support, and administer tools for teaching and learning. These instructional tools are available through your AppState account and can help instructor create and deliver course materials and assess student work.

Academic Technology Tools We Support

asulearnAsULearn (powered by Moodle) is our university’s Learning Management System application that allows classroom interactions to extend onto the web. Academic Technologies supports the primary instance of AsULearn for academic courses, as well as AsULearn-Projects for committees, learning resources, and professional development and AsULearn-Global for courses with enrolled users outside the campus community. Have a suggestion? Submit our feature request form.

brickfieldBrickfield Accessibility Toolkit / Sensus Access helps evaluate, identify, and support the creation of accessible content inside AsULearn courses. The tool will scan the course content created by the teacher to ensure it is accessible and provide a wizard to fix accessibility issues in courses. SensusAccess converts text and image-based files into more accessible formats. The service can also be used by faculty to convert lecture notes and other educational material into accessible formats.

hypothesisHypothesis is an online social annotation tool. It allows users to annotate openly on websites, blogs, online journals, and news articles. It is integrated with AsULearn through LTI.

kalturaKaltura is the enterprise media platform for campus. Education products include personal capture and lecture capture, live events, learning on the go, and student outreach. This platform is integrated with AsULearn and allows instructors and students to create and share video content (such as online lectures or narrated presentations). It is also available outside AsULearn via MediaSpace.

linkedin learningLinkedin Learning provides a digital library of thousands of video courses taught by industry experts covering a wide range of technical, business, software and creative topics.

ltiLTI integrations allow a variety of services using the LTI standard to connect to AsULearn. We have many connected with AsULearn. While the AT team and other university partners can assist, if needed, in the setup, the quality of this integration is dependent on the outside services (vendors, publishers, etc.).

padletPadlet is  an online virtual bulletin board, where students and teachers can collaborate, reflect and share links and pictures in a secure location. Padlet creators can also moderate posts, remove posts and manage their boards.

poll everywherePoll Everywhere is an online polling platform that is able to collect real-time responses from students using any computer or mobile device with internet access. It can be used for both on-campus participation, or remote participation in on-campus classes.

respondusRespondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that can be enabled for quizzes in AsULearn. During the exam, the student is unable to copy or print the exam for other students, access other applications, or visit other websites. Respondus Monitor uses a student’s webcam to record video and audio of them while taking the exam in order to flag behaviors that may represent instances of cheating.

screenpalScreenPal (formerly Screencast-o-matic) is a simple video recording and editing tool. The Pro Recorder service is available to our campus community. Videos can be published to YouTube, Screenplay, or downloaded to your machine.

turnitinTurnitin compares written work with the university’s database, AsULearn submissions, the internet and published work. It allows you and your students to check for originality of student submissions.

voicethreadVoiceThread is a versatile cloud application that allows a user to upload many types of media for asynchronous class discussions. This service is integrated with AsULearn and the AsULearn gradebook.

zoomZoom is the campus video conferencing platform that provides a virtual meeting space for attendees to meet online in real time, to help facilitate online synchronous class sessions. Meetings allow for up to 300 participants. For large meetings and webinars, submit a Zoom License Reservation request.


If you need tech support for any of the above services you can submit a Jira ticket. If you need immediate assistance, we encourage you to contact the Help Desk at 262-6266 during business hours.