Campus Services

Project: Campus Services: Campus ID | Mobile Credential | Point of Sale


To acquire and implement a mobile credential and ID solution (with Apple Wallet and Android) and a new Point of Sale (POS) system for Campus Dining. 

Project Overview

Campus Services current POS is end of life and needs a new solution implemented by 12/31/2023. Universities that have moved to Mobile ID for point-of-sale transactions report increased student satisfaction. The implementation of a mobile credential for Campus Services POS will allow us to eventually expand secure mobile identification across campus including access to spaces and buildings. 

Project Details

An updated Campus Services POS will:

  1. create convenient contactless and in-person transaction processes for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors;

  2. ensure that sensitive information remains protected;

  3. reduce the amount of manual work for accurate sales reporting; 

  4. allow for an easier integration with menu and inventory management software.  


A unified campus ID with mobile credentialing:

  1. allows students, faculty and staff the convenience of navigating campus transactions using their mobile device–an increasing expectation among students;  

  2. is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional physical plastic card;

  3. allows us to expand a secure mobile ID option across campus including physical access over the next several semesters.  





What is a mobile ID or mobile credential?  

  • A mobile ID or mobile credential is an electronic identification stored on a mobile device.  This allows you to make transactions, access spaces, scan into events and more with your mobile phone rather than a plastic card.  

How will this impact transactions in Campus Dining?

  • We plan to seamlessly implement the new POS system in all Campus Dining venues including the markets and the University Post Office at the end of the Fall 2023 semester. The system will be active with limited user impact for the start of Spring 2024.  

  • Students, faculty and staff will still be able to use their AppCards or debit/credit cards for payment. Campus visitors will still be able to use debit/credit cards for purchases.  

When will I be able to use my mobile device in Campus Dining? 

  • We plan to implement the mobile ID in summer 2024 for all Campus Dining venues including the markets. 

  • More information to come as we expand the use of mobile ID across campus for additional applications.

Who do I contact for more information?