Network Upgrade

Project: Campus Network Upgrade Project (CNUP)


Upgrade wired and wireless network infrastructure providing a faster, more resilient and more secure user experience.

Project Overview

Our campus is getting a major technology upgrade over the next few years. We're replacing outdated equipment with new, faster components including routers, switches and Wi-Fi access points. Why? Students, faculty and staff bring multiple devices to campus, in the dorms and in our offices, which is putting a lot of pressure on our network. We need to grow with the times in order to meet the demand.

During this network upgrade, we are also making our campus more secure. We're implementing a "Zero Trust", Role Based security, which means our users will only be able to access data they need to access. This is how we make sure private data stays safe. Plus, we are adding power backup and dividing the network into sections. That means if something goes wrong, like a power outage or a hardware glitch, it won't affect all of campus at once. This makes the network more reliable and resilient.

Our goal is to make campus internet faster, safer and more reliable for all.


  • Benefits

    • The new network will allow the campus to be able to meet students, faculty and staff expanding networking needs for years to come.

    • Once fully implemented, students will be able to pre-register all of their devices (laptops, smart TV’s, game systems, etc.) before arriving on campus. 

    • Each student will have a personal key for their devices that is unique. This will allow each student to have secure access to their devices from anywhere on campus.

  • Implementation Plan

    • The new network will be updated alongside the existing network. This way, we won't suddenly switch the entire network to the new one and hope everything works perfectly. Doing it this way will ensure a smoother transition by minimizing the impact of potential issues.

    • The first step will be to create a Proof Of Concept “Lab” with the new network to test the new configuration without impacting the rest of campus and the transition from Ivanti for VPN access to AnyConnect VPN.

    • Once a reliable configuration is established, we will begin transitioning campus buildings to the new network architecture.

    • The Holmes Convocation guest Wi-Fi will be upgraded to allow event attendees to have fast reliable internet access during events.

    • The Hickory campus will be tied into the main campus network and at the same time, the building network will be brought up to date.

    • Once all buildings are converted and running stably, the old network components will be decommissioned.




What is a Network?

  • A system of interconnected computers, devices or components that communicate and share information with each other.


What Is Network Infrastructure?

  • Network infrastructure is the hardware and software that enables connectivity and communication between users, devices, apps and the internet.


Can you explain further what Zero Trust means?

  • Zero Trust security means that no one is trusted by default (from inside or outside our network), and verification is required before gaining access to resources on our network. This added layer of security can prevent data breaches.


Who do I contact for more information?