I AM App State

Project: I AM App State 


Improve identity and access management (IAM) processes and capabilities


An identity and access management (IAM) tool and improved business processes give IT and our campus the ability to streamline access to needed IT services. It also protects against security and compliance risks.


We are building our identity program to:

  1. Improve flexibility and efficiency in access to IT services, institutional data and our campus 
  2. Reduce risk by automating training requirements to access IT services 
  3. Develop a system that automates the permission and revocation of access to data, services and physical locations
  4. Decrease time to resolution for employees in the on- or off-boarding process
  5. Create a central hub for managing access to IT services 





What is the timeframe for implementation?

  • Starting in 2022 and over the next four years, we will implement this management system in four phases.

Is this system replacing a current system?

  • Our new IAM tool will replace a home grown system and a number of campus processes related to system access. This will be a multi-year process and occur in a staged manner.  
  • Later phases of the project including replacing our current Password Manager and other campus access request and approval mechanisms currently occurring via email or paper processes.  

What is the benefit of this new management system?

  • ITS has provided core identity services through a disparate set of tools including custom Banner tables, scripts, paper and electronic forms and multiple directory services over the years. 
  • The benefit of this management system is to centralize these processes and allows more transparency and efficiency for our campus users.

As an application administrator, how do I submit my application for integration with the program?

  • Please contact  group-iam@appstate.edu to discuss the various ways the program can support application administrations in on- and off-boarding application users.

Who do I contact for more information?