Project : AppMAIS Information Technology Infrastructure for Bee Research Project  


Information Technology Services (ITS) is working with Dr. Rahman Tashakkori and his research team in the Department of Computer Science to enhance their ability to provide content streaming and data downloads for global researchers.

Project Overview

Hardworking honey bee populations are on the decline in the U.S. Data gathered by faculty researchers at Appalachian State University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte could alter that trend. Dr. Rahman Tashakkori and his team are working to create a new honey bee informatics system called AppMAIS (App State Multipurpose Apiary Informatics System) to investigate the health, development and genomic diversity of honey bee hives in North Carolina. The shared data from their research will inform scientists, researchers, educators, beekeepers and the public.

This project aims to bolster the efforts of the AppMAIS team and all other researchers dedicated to addressing Honeybee decline, by facilitating the enhancement of the dissemination of collected data to scientists worldwide.


Currently, AppMAIS allows streaming of bee hive data in near-live one minute video streams of 31 hives at 16 locations and archived data provides videos older than six minutes. This research utilizes a Thingsboard Internet of Things (network of connected devices) and the App State designed and built “Beemon” system that acquires and delivers hive data (audio/video recordings, humidity/temperature and weight) to a dedicated server for further analysis.

All this data is creating a strain on the current computing infrastructure. ITS will be working with the Department of Computer Science to centralize the AppMAIS IT resources including: 

  • Web services

  • Data storage and;

  • Computing. 

By relocating the existing processes and data to App State’s data centers, access to the AppMAIS research data, web services and compute power will be faster and on a more reliable network resulting in an improved user experience, particularly in times of high demand.

ITS will also be working with the Department of Computer Science to create a system to securely share AppMAIS data with researchers upon request.




Where can I get more information on the AppMAIS Bee Research Project? 


What does App MAIS stand for?

  • AppMAIS stands for App State Multipurpose Apiary Informatics System.


Who do I contact for more information or questions?